Monday, 1 February 2016

INSPIRATION: Beyond My Flaws

It’s not necessary to pretend to be flawless because everyone surely does have flaws. The ability to admit that it’s one of those things and try to work on it is what matters. The constant thing in life is change, so tell you I’m ready to give it a shot. It started with the kind of impression I had about myself, I believed I was not good looking (smiling…) you know the skinny dark guy with big eye balls, big nose and of cause big head! So, I told myself ladies have no choice than to love me. I was made to believe that girls love guys who not only smoke and drink but also have this crazy attitude,  so I started smoking, drinking and yes ooo pepped it up with this lovey sexy attitude and believe me it was like magnet on ladies. I got them all- both single and married! I had fun as I became the center of attraction but I noticed I couldn’t sleep with married women because something deep down in my heart just didn’t deem it right to sleep with them.

So for over ten years, I thought I was having fun but the power of love is strong, I met my soulmate who knew me beyond the physical. Zainab never condemned me like some ladies did, she made me feel like its normal for me and that some of my flaws can be worked upon when I’m ready to. I’ve known Zainab for over 10 years through the smoking, drinking and womanizing years and she stood firm by my side. I can also say that peer groups too played its role in the situation because as they say like attracts like. January 2nd of last year still remains memorable, I went to the beach with friends, while we were all smoking tobacco, I felt disgusted by the whole thing and vowed never to smoke again after that day. I could only hold out for just 100 days till I faltered along the way doing it sometimes, yet I didn’t give up and its over a year now since I last smoked and am presently working on quitting drinking  as I do more of fruits and water now.

I decided to share this because of someone who is either trying to quit smoking or failed while trying. Don’t quit trying its normal for you to fail; the ability to get up is what matters most. And I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank to my bone of bone, flesh of flesh, soul mate, my wife the mother of my unborn kids for not condemning me for my flaws I love you now and forever- Mrs Zainab.

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