Monday, 4 January 2016

"Call & Respond" True Love

A lot of ladies complain saying “he doesn't love me anymore”, “he doesn't call me like he used to, neither does he send me messages the way he does before”. “For sure he’s cheating on me because he was all over me when he was begging me to date him”.

My advice for Ladies in such situation is “please calm down and don’t conclude easily”. I would like to draw your attention to something that you might have ignored, which is ‘Love is Reciprocal’...

Those times when he was busy calling you, sending messages back-to-back, darling, he was trying to win your heart which he won. So listen, don’t think be- cause he doesn't call or send messages the way he used to, he now thinks less or doesn't love you anymore. It’s just a wake up call that, it is now your turn to do the chasing {I mean calling, and sending of messages}.

The Man has done his part by planting that feeling inside of you. So it’s time for you to do yours by sending a text in the morning, placing calls at least once a day. In no time, you will also have successfully planted some feelings in him, which will make the relationship balanced.

Try it out and I bet you that it will work. Bye for now.


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Babalola Oluwatomiwa said...

Well said... keep it up oooooo